The Three Double Basses to Perform at Irish Casinos

double bass jam

Many people claim that certain traits noticed in children are inherited from the genes of parents. That may actually have a case if we look at the story of the three double bass players from Glasgow. John, Peter, and Paul McKenzie are brothers. Their father played the double bass while their mother was a violinist.

Looking at their family background, it should not surprise you that they all play stringed instruments. Their parents were keen in grooming their children into becoming good players of musical instruments. To this effect, they made sure their children have private music lessons.

Although they did not fancy the idea of being made to learn these instruments, they are now glad they did. They did not start out as a band despite knowing how to play. It was Peter who brought up the idea of forming a band. And the idea of forming a band started out like a joke too. However, the three brothers went with it.

They had to come up with a band name, and they wanted the word “cello” to be part of the band. After brainstorming, they decided on the name “The Three Double Basses” as the cello and double bass are quite similar. The name stuck, and they used it for their first gig. It is also the name they are still using till this date date.

The Band Met for Practice Sessions

double bass studio practice

The Three Bases are an extraordinarily talented group of people who had the genes and an enabling environment. Despite their solid foundation in music, they still understood the importance of training. The band always rehearsed every performance starting from their first gig.

Talking about their first gig, it was a retirement party where the people there enjoyed the kind of music the band played. This was because of the practice they had done. They went through every detail until they got everything right. The audience at their first gig were astonished. Since that day, The Three Double Basses has performed at many other events.

They always practiced at a studio in Glasgow, Scotland. The Three Double Basses did not stop rehearsing despite playing at so many other events and shows. The drill remained the same, practicing till they performed perfectly. You should know that the band usually goes to play Live at Irish Casinos. The performances there are usually different from the one they give at parties. They knew they had to train accordingly. Let’s find out more about their performances.

The Irish Casinos Where the Band Will Be Playing Live

When naive people hear about casinos, what they think of is just gambling. Live casinos usually involve more than just gambling and there are many side attractions. Some of them include snacks, drinks and music, of course.

Musical performances in casinos are done by musical bands. After all, a live casino should have “live music.” These bands usually perform at intervals to keep the players and other guests entertained. The Three Double Basses was one of the principal entertainers. Putting it rightly, they became the band to watch out for after their first live casino performance. More casinos began to request for their live band services to help entertain players and guests.

Although the band had plans of moving South and performing in England, they know they needed to conquer Ireland first. The band is set to perform at the following casinos;

Caesar’s Palace in Galway

Caesers galway

Caesar’s Palace is one of the grandest casinos in Ireland. More than just a casino, it is considered as a proper entertainment theater. This casino shares free tea and biscuits to its guests. You can also watch live sports events on their wide-screen televisions.

The casino has one of the largest bingo halls in all of Ireland. It has a capacity of over 200 seats in its bingo halls. Caesar’s Palace also has roulettes, slots, video poker and other new games that are regularly added. You also get to enjoy daily draws when you register as a member.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino in Limerick

Fritzpatrick casino Limerick

Fitzpatrick’s Casino in Limerick is one of the branches of the Fitzpatrick’s Casino Group. The company is a highly respected casino company with its major interest in customer satisfaction. This is because the company understands that customers are the backbone of every business.

The casino offers live poker using expertly trained poker croupiers. Fitzpatrick’s Casino is also famous for its slot machines. The casino offers live dealer blackjacks and auto roulette. Its slot machines are linked to progressive and stand-alone Jackpots. The casino also offers live draws and wheels of fortune that runs from 10 AM to 2 AM every day. These live draws are done every two hours.

The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin

Fitzwilliam Casino

The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin is also called “Dublin’s favorite Casino.” This is the home of poker in Dublin. It has the best and biggest poker cash action. It offers a minimum €50 buy-in, no maximum buy-in €100 from 6:30 PM every evening.

You can also play live blackjack, roulette, Brit brag, progressive slot Jackpots and the Punto Banco in Ireland’s favorite casino. Like the other casinos mentioned earlier, the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club also provides bonus draws to its regular club members.

Kindly note that the casinos listed above are regulated by the Revenue Commissioners which is the authority to licencese and regulate certian games and gambling operations within these casinos for the purpose of avoiding money laundering and tax evasion.

Time of Gambling Will Be Covering the Live Gigs

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This is a great opportunity for The Three Double Basses to show people how good they really are at what they do. Time of Gambling will be there to document it and ensure those who were not present at these casinos during the performances get to see it too. You can follow Time of Gambling here.