Paul McKenzie Gets Extremely Lucky in Las Vegas

Paul McKenzie has a love for music and cricket, but he is also partial to visiting casinos. He enjoys trying his luck at different casinos around the world, despite the fact that his parents absolutely hate gambling. However, they probably like gambling a little bit better now, and here’s why.


He Got Lucky on a Trip to Las Vegas with His Wife

For any avid gambler, a trip to Las Vegas is a must. Therefore, Paul was extremely happy when his wife revealed to him that she had arranged a trip to Las Vegas for the both of them to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Paul loves to play slot games, so it is no surprise that the first casino that he went to when they were in Las Vegas was Aria. This casino has over 2,000 different slot games that its customers can sit down and enjoy, making it the best place to play slot games on the Las Vegas Strip

Paul didn’t have much luck the first night as he ended up losing quite a bit of money, but he still enjoyed himself and promised himself that he would return the next night. He kept his promise, and he ended up being extremely glad that he did. His wife also became glad that she arranged the trip to Las Vegas in the first place.

He started the night playing IGT’s Megabucks slot machine, a slot that is known for its life-changing jackpots. On just his fifth spin of the evening, he hit the jackpot and ended up winning just under $8 million dollars. This is one of the largest jackpots that this slot has paid out.

His wife was elsewhere at the time, so he called her on her mobile and told her to come to him straight away. When he showed her just how much he had won, she fainted.


He Treated All Those He Loved

When he got back to Glasgow, he gathered his parents and two brothers together and broke the news to them. They were all too shocked to speak at first, but when the dust settled, they asked him what he planned to do with his winnings.

He replied that the only thing he had decided so far was that he was going to give each of his brothers a million each and two million to his parents. They argued against this at first, but he was adamant that 4 million was more than enough for him and his wife.

He then asked his mother what she thought about gambling now, but all she could do was laugh with happiness.

What Did he Spend Some of His Winnings on?

Before his big win, Paul and his wife had been living in a one-bedroom house in the centre of Glasgow. Although it was just the two of them, it was still really a bit too small for them. Therefore, they spent a few weeks looking at properties and decided to buy a three-bedroom house not too far away. They thought that three bedrooms was perfect at they are planning on having a child soon.

Paul also bought a new car as his old one was over twenty years old and always needed maintenance. His new one is nothing flashy, as he is not that kind of guy, but at least it is a lot more reliable than his last one.

He still goes to casinos regularly, but he is yet to win another substantial amount.