The McKenzie Brothers Are Talented Cricket Players Too

The McKenzie Brothers

Some people are born with more than one talent and the McKenzie brothers are such people. Not only are they extremely talented musicians, but they are all extremely good at cricket.

How Did They Develop a Love for Cricket?

Well, their mother is English, and it just so happens that her dad was a huge cricket fan. He loved nothing better than spending his Saturday watching a good game of cricket.

He lived in Yorkshire, a place that is well known for its cricket. In fact, the Yorkshire cricket team is the most successful cricket team in England. Every summer, their mother would take them down to Yorkshire to visit him. They never knew their grandmother, as she sadly passed away before John, who is the oldest of the three, was born.

They used to really enjoy their yearly trips down to Yorkshire as their grandfather was a great laugh and always treated them. One thing that he would always do when they were visiting was take them with him to go and watch a cricket match. He was a huge Yorkshire cricket fan and they got to watch some fantastic matches over the years.

It was these annual trips to watch Yorkshire play that got all three brothers hooked on the sport.

They Joined the Local Cricket Club

One year, when they returned to Glasgow after three weeks in Yorkshire, they asked their mother if they could join the local cricket club. At first, she wasn’t too sure as she thought that it could distract them from their music, but after a chat with their dad, they decided that it would be a good idea.

They headed down to Glasgow Accies Cricket Club that same week and enrolled. The club was more than happy to accept them as they are always looking for new potential talent to join them. The brothers had never played cricket before, but it soon became apparent to the coaches at the club that they were talented players.


John is a skillful bowler who can bowl at speeds of 80 mph (not bad for an amateur), Paul is a good opening batsman, while Peter took a liking to wicket-keeping and has become very adept at it. The Glasgow Accies have a number of different teams at the club and all three brothers made it into their second XI before long. They play against other clubs from around Scotland every Saturday as part of a league.

The Perform at the Annual Cricket Gala

The league that they play in every Saturday runs from June until August. There are no matches after August as the Scottish weather just does not allow it. Each year, after the league has finished and the winners have been declared, a gala is held and everyone who participated in the league is invited to it.

Awards are given out to the player who scored the most runs, the player that picked up the most wickets, the player that took the most catches, the best player in the league and so on. Once the awards have been dishes out, there is a delicious buffet full of all the food that you can imagine. However, would it be a gala without some great music? Of course, it wouldn’t!

The brothers are aware of this, so to help save on costs, they offer their double bass playing skills each year for free. Their music always goes down an absolute treat, which is something that encourages them to keep playing. Like all musicians, they play because they love to perform and entertain people.